Sleep Training

Sleep training is a method used to establish a good routine to ensure sufficient sleep is given during both day and night, as is age appropriate. Following successful sleep training, a child recognises the times when they should be awake, playing or learning (day time) as opposed to the times when they should be sleeping (night time).

Many parents experience sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Whilst it is normal for new babies to take several months to sleep through the night, some take much longer and parents may benefit from the help of a sleep trainer to encourage a good routine and practices leading to age appropriate sleep patterns.

As a sleep trainer I have understanding of sleep stages, sleep cycles and the relevance and importance of these.
I am knowledgeable about the effects of poor quality sleep or lack of sleep and the reflection on health and emotional well being of the entire family.

I can help to identify problems affecting sleep such as detrimental habits, hunger, medical problems and emotional or environmental factors.

Using knowledge of successful techniques in different age groups I can teach and empower parents to utilise strategies.

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