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My Baby Sleep Solutions supports you and your family through early parenthood.

My name is Jacqueline Cullen and I live in Surrey. As a fully qualified Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and Sleep Trainer I can offer advice on initial good sleeping habits, feeding, skin care and “Baby AllSorts”.

The importance of sleep

Sleep is important for babies and children as growth and development take place during this time. Food is converted into energy and muscle tissue develops during sleep. Growth hormone is activated during sleep – when parents swear their child has grown in the night they are often right!

Proteins which help the immune system to fight off infections are produced during sleep. Additionally, adequate  sleep has been shown to reduce the number of injuries suffered (children become more clumsy when they have too…


Sleep Training

Sleep training is a method used to establish a good routine to ensure sufficient sleep is given during both day and night, as is age appropriate. Following successful sleep training, a child recognises the times when they should be awake, playing or learning (day time) as opposed to the times when they should be sleeping (night time).

Many parents experience sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Whilst it is normal for new babies to take several months to sleep through the night,


Baby Allsorts (0-3 months old)

A package of care designed to help you through the early days. There is no doubt that becoming a parent is a daunting prospect. Little can prepare you for the exciting time ahead. Each day brings new challenges and anxieties you have never imagined. I can offer advice on suitable products such as nappy creams, feeding equipment and many extra tips and hacks.

As a trained Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor and also a mother I am…


Who is it for?

I can offer the perfect package of Sleep training and Baby Allsorts for you, wherever you are in the world via Skype, FaceTime and email.

For families local to Surrey or London I can include a face-to-face assessment in your own home.

Reference: Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic


Services I am able to provide to enable improved sleeping habits:

• A package of care to improve sleeping habits leading to improvement in health, well being and a happy family.

• An initial assessment to help to identify the triggers for poor sleep.

• Establish a short but effective bedtime routine focused on bath time and bedtime.

• Optimise nutrition.

• Offer strategies for getting the baby/child to sleep and suggest what to do when sleep is interrupted.

• Use age appropriate techniques i.e. when the child can pull to stand or can get out of bed themselves.

• Avoidance of accidental parenting props such as allowing the child into your bed.

• Recognition of detrimental environmental factors such as noise, temperature.

• Promote best sleeping practices such as swaddling, using positioners, sleeping bags and management of gastro oesophageal reflux if this is present and is affecting sleep and health.

Following the assessment I put together an easy to follow plan and support you through the implementation of this.

The perfect package for you

The Bronze : £50 ( cost offset against silver or gold plans if you require additional help)

Email service only.
Assessment of your child’s sleep issues in response to your query.
Provision of a personalised plan.

The Silver : £150

An initial telephone consultation.
A personalised sleep plan for your child.
Follow up telephone/ email support for up to 2 weeks.

The Gold : £250

An initial telephone consultation or home visit
Assessment of your child’s sleep issues.
A personalised sleep plan for your child.
Follow up telephone/ email support for up to 6 weeks

Additional follow up consultations for all packages: £50

In home overnight support per night £120 ( single child)

Baby AllSorts : (0-3 months old) £500

A package for new parents to help establish a routine, get baby into good sleep habits, offer advice regarding feeding, nappy care and much more. I can answer any baby related questions however big or small.

Although it is not possible to sleep train babies at this young age I can help you to get them into good sleeping habits so they can sleep anywhere and are able to self-settle.

You will learn to recognise signs of tiredness in your baby and to act on them. Don’t allow your baby to fall asleep in your arms and transfer them to the cot – they need to learn to go to sleep on their own.

An initial assessment to discuss birth history, your and baby’s health and what support you have.

Twice weekly telephone calls for 4 weeks plus unlimited email support

Followed by 8 weeks of unlimited email support

About Me

I retired from paediatric nursing in 2016 following a successful 35-year career. I trained and spent the majority of my career at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. I have cared for premature babies; post surgical procedures, complications of common childhood illnesses and given highly specialised care to very ill children. My later specialisation was in dermatology and rare genetic diseases.

In 2008 I won a place in the Nursing Times Hall of Fame for services to sick children.

I have also worked for several years as a qualified Health Visitor where I learnt about child development and health promotion.

I have certificates in both Humanistic and Psychodynamic counselling and learned good listening skills during the courses.

I am very much a family orientated and people person and like to help others.

I have suffered my own sleep deprivation when my daughter was small and the only professional advice I was offered was to “let her cry it out” – a solution I find unacceptable.

Since my retirement I have continued to work with children and am currently working as a nanny for babies and children.

I wish to offer those who are struggling a professional and caring solution to sleep deprivation. Many of the questions I am asked from the families I currently work for and during my nursing relate to sleep disturbance and I have observed the affects of sleep deprivation inspiring me to complete a course in Sleep Training.

I now teach on accredited Sleep Training and Maternity Nursing courses.


Jacqueline started working with our baby daughter when she was 3 months old to establish a positive sleep and nap routine and to encourage her development and learning. Although our daughter had always had a good evening sleep routine she never napped in the daytime which left her and us too tired for real playtime and learning. Jacqueline’s level of professionalism combined with her gentle caring approach has established a robust daily napping schedule that has had a very positive impact on the baby and ourselves. We now have a baby who sleeps for 2.5 hours a day and 12-13 hours at night, she is way ahead of the curve with speech, mobility, learning and development targets.

In addition with her many years of nursing experience Jacqueline has always been on hand on answer medical questions and give advice for many new parent concerns ranging from teething pain, illness, skin concerns, weaning and a lot of life and baby hacks along the way that has made navigating a lot of potentially daunting first time experiences much easier. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline she is reliable, professional has a wealth of knowledge and skills gleaned from many years experience but above all she is one of the kindest people that I have ever met and our baby loves her.

Routine, development and learning

We sought help with our daughter because even at almost 2 years getting her down to sleep was a nightly battle, she would play up, cry uncontrollably and she would always wake up screaming several times in the evening. With both of us working full time and long hours, plus frequent travel as a family, this was making life extremely challenging! It was also having an impact on the extended family who had different views on how to instil a good bedtime routine.

We decided to get some help. Jacqueline observed our bedtime routine and conducted an assessment, putting forward a plan with some simple but very effective changes. We were hoping it would help but had no idea that Jacqueline would transform things literally overnight. By following her recommendations and sticking to them our little girl has become a perfect sleeper, and her bond to the mother has improved since she no longer resented her for putting her to sleep. She has become a much happier, more content little girl. It is really quite remarkable and made a massive difference to our lives and we can’t recommend Jacqueline highly enough.

Routine, development and learning

Jacqueline has looked after our 19 month daughter for almost a year as her nanny.

Jacqueline is a gem of a nanny and a person.  Jacqueline has a calm, thoughtful and intelligent manner which is incredibly effective with children.

Our 19 month daughter and 4 year old son both adore her, and the greatest testimony to this is when our daughter jumps into Jacqueline’s arms and waves me goodbye happily when I leave the house.  Jacqueline spends the entire day with our daughter, based from our house, and does a range of activities with her – they play together, chat and sing together, go to music class together, go to the playground and have play dates.  Jacqueline is a wonderfully caring, competent and responsible nanny who has a natural passion for children.  In addition, Jacqueline’s medical training is very helpful, and on the occasion when my daughter has been unwell, I know that she is in excellent hands in Jacqueline’s care. Jacqueline is entirely trustworthy – she has keys to our house and is very respectful of our home.

We are very lucky to have Jacqueline look after our daughter, and I would thoroughly recommend Jacqueline as a nanny, as a person and as someone who is excellent at understanding and looking after children.

Helping you as a nanny

At the 4 month sleep regression my baby was no longer able to sooth herself to sleep which meant a lot of crying and soothing from me. With Jacqueline’s advice I was able to comfort my daughter but also teach her to self sooth again. It gave me the confidence to know I was doing the right thing. Within a few days she was able to settle herself for naps again.

Routine, development and learning

From the tutor on the sleep training course:

Seldom have I marked a work presented so thoroughly and methodically, with every statement backed up where necessary.

You either have a great depth of knowledge or have researched each answer incredibly well.

The adjective “thorough” was one I was beginning to tire of by the end of your work but I can think of few others to adequately describe your work.

The object of these courses is to ensure that people who end up working as sleep trainers, maternity nurses etc. are people who not only care about babies and children but can demonstrate a knowledge and professionalism which paying parents have a right to expect. Your work is a shining example of these attributes and I sincerely hope that we can encourage others of your calibre.


We’d been having difficulties with Dylan’s sleep since from birth to 6 months old with no end in sight. There are so many websites and forums that give you conflicting information that I was really confused as to what step to take next. Jacqueline managed to take all my confusion, unscramble it and provide some very straight forward, simple advice. With some gentle encouragement my son is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night unbroken and we’re a much happier household as a result! Thank you Jacqueline for giving me a much needed confidence boost to make the necessary changes.

Routine, development and learning
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